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From Printing Press
To Flipbook

In 1450, the Gutenberg printing press revolutionized books and their accessibility to the world. The Gutenberg press made books available faster and in greater quantities, thus putting more books, in the hands of more people.

The Johannes Gutenberg printing press, changed the world.


There is the electronic, Flipbook. An electronic book with turning pages, just like a physical book. The electronic book, just like the Gutenberg press, has made reading a book more accessible.

Right a book today, and someone on the other side of the world, can read it tomorrow.


A New Way To Read

Flipbooks are Responsive and
Mobile Friendly

Read on whatever device you choose, and have fun staying up to date, month to month with new stories.

Wherever you are with internet connection; with whatever device you have handy, enjoy yourself with a nice flipbook from the DigiAartist3 short story collection.

Access to GREAT Stories!

Get access to an unlimited supply of adventure, horror, sci-fi, and love story’s, that you will probably want to read over and over…

Short Story's & Articles

The God Damned

  • Vampires and Werewolves.

Planet America

  • Liberals destroy America, world’s in chaos. Conservatives leave the earth behind.

Professor Deadwood

  • A blind professor fighting leftist madness.

Short Stories and Articles

  • Talking about art, books, and much more.


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